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History of Modern India By Bipin Chandra PDF: Bipin Chandra Written the History Of Modern India Book. This Book explain the  Eighteenth Century to twentieth Century  Indian History.the Book Original Published in 2009 by Orient Black swan. Author can Explain the  time line of British Rule. Bipin Chandra also written the freedom struggle and Independence.

History of Modern India By Bipin Chandra PDF Free Download:

Modern indian History  By Bipin Chandra issuitable for all competative exams like Staff Selection Commission ,Civil Service and State Government Exams.

History Of Modern India By Bipin Chandra 2009 Edition:

In this Page we are providing to History of Modern india  free Download the PDF.

He Wrote the Several books  on Indian Economy and Indian History.

History of Modern India Book by Bipan Chandra. Book Published in 2009.

Modern Indian History By Bipin Chandra In Hindi:

Adhunik Bharat Ka Itihas2009 Book by Bipan Chandra

Book Explain the social understanding of the factors that allowed British rulers to rule over India for such a long span of time.

History Of Modern India By Bipin Chandra Latest Edition Book concepts are

  • The Decline of the Mughal Empire.
  • Indian States and Society in the 18th Century
  • Beginings of europine Statements
  • The Struclurc of the Government and the EconomicPolicies of the British Empire in India, 1757 — 1857.
  • Administrative Organisation and Social and Cultural Policy.
  • CulturalPolicy
  • Social and Cultural Awakening in the First Half of the19th Century
  • The Revolt of 1857
  • Administrative Changes After 1838
  • India And Her Neighbours
  • Economic Impact of the British Rule

History Of Modern India By Bipin Chandra Orient Blackswan Pdf:

The Decline of the Mughal Empire:History of Modern India By Bipin Chandra PDF

Mughal Empire began to decline after attaining its highest point of success and stability. During this time, the empire was under the leadership of Shah Jahan and his son, after a successful rule of Aurangzeb. … The first cause was Aurangzeb’s .

History Of Modern India By Bipin Chandra Pdf Free Download – Indian States and Society in the 18th Century:


Hyderabad was founded by Nizam ul Mulk Asaf Jah in 1724. He was a noble of the Muhammad shah the Mughal emperor. His repeated attempts of reforming the administration were rejected by the emperor and so he moved back to south to form his state. He formed an efficient administration. He followed a tolerant policy against all religions. He forced the powerful zamindar lobby to respect him. He successfully resisted Maratha’s from his land. However he failed to rid the revenue system of corruption due to his untimely death. After him the Hyderabad state too was in a state of turmoil.

Bengal:History of Modern India By Bipin Chandra PDF

Murshid quli khan too declared independence from the central authority after it grew weak. He however sent tributes to the Mughals. He suppressed the powerful zamindars and organized an efficient administration. He was tolerant and secular. He introduced agrarian reform but collected revenue cruelly. He promoted trade and industry. The Nawabs however were short sighted with regards to English east India Company. They forced it to obey laws of the land but didn’t take these trading companies as threats to the kingdom. They failed also in two more aspects building a strong army and checking corruption amongst local officials. Both these factors led to the defeat of Nawab Siraj ud dawlah at the hands of English east India Company in 1857.


Saadat khan burhan ul Mulk was the founder of Awadh. He was far sighted and able ruler. He too was disillusioned by the central government and chose to fortify his feudal area. He had to wage continuous wars against the big zamindars who had fortified their areas. He successfully suppressed them and brought relief to the farmers. He was secular towards all religions.


The end of Vijaynagar Empire gave a new lease of lie to Mysore kingdom. The minister Nanaraj and Devraj captured power and the king Krishna Raj became a mere puppet. Haider Ali was an ordinary soldier in the Mysore army. He took advantage of the opportunities that came his way and rose in rank. He learned western military tactics from French experts and applied them in battles. Soon he defeated Nanaraj and became king. Though he was illiterate he was an efficient administrator. He extended his power in Mysore and soon made it into a powerful kingdom. He fought the Nizam of Hyderabad, Marathas and British repeatedly and defeated them.

Haider Ali and British

First Anglo Mysore War  –  History of Modern India By Bipin Chandra PDF

The English east India Company allied with Nizam of Hyderabad in 1766 to attack Haider Ali. But he fought back and threatened to attack madras. So a treaty was signed where conquered territories were handed back and mutual cooperation against each other’s enemies was assured. But when the Marathas attacked Haider Ali the British didn’t help hence he mistrusted them. British had secured support of Marathas after the first Anglo Maratha in 1782. Haider Ali inflicted defeats on them and forced them to surrender in large numbers.

Second Anglo Mysore War – History of Modern India By Bipin Chandra PDF

The British under Hastings bribed the Nizam and he withdrew from the alliance with Haider Ali. Hastings also diverted the army from the Maratha war against Haider Ali and finally defeated him. This was the second Anglo Mysore war. His son Tipu sultan succeeded him after his death in the second Anglo Mysore war. Finally as the war was a stalemate peace treaty was signed in 1784.

Tipu Sultan vs British – History Of Modern India By Bipin Chandra Pdf In Telugu

We can down load the Hisatory of modern india bny telugu in Online. Tipu sultan was a complex character. He was deeply interested in literature and had a library. He took interest in French revolution. He had planted a tree of liberty in his kingdom and was a member of Jacobin club. His army was trained in western tactics and armed with muskets and bayonets with French help. He also was building a navy and had constructed ports.

The British regarded him as their deadliest enemy.

Third Anglo Mysore War – History of Modern India – Bipan Chandra. (History)

The treaty of 1784 had only postponed hostilities to the future. Tipu had attempted to establish contact with turkey and France by sending envoys there. The third Anglo Mysore war resulted in Tipu defeat in 1792. He had to pay a huge indemnity and surrender his sons to the British as hostages. It destroyed Tipu’s dominant position in south and established British supremacy there.

Modern Indian History By Bipin Chandra Pdf Free Download In Hindi:

In 1798 the new governor general Wellesley took charge and brought his scheme of subsidiary alliance. By this the British would station an army in the allying kingdom and protect it from internal and external threats. In return the king should disband his army, accept a British resident and govern on his advice, relinquish all deals with other foreign powers and pay a tribute to British for the army or cede a territory to them. This ensured that the protectorate kingdom became a puppet in their hands.

Brief History Of Modern India By Bipin Chandra PFD – Fourth Anglo Mysore War

Wellesley knew Tipu would never accept this treaty and fourth the fourth Anglo Mysore war in 1799 and defeated Tipu.  When Tipu was finally defeated in 1799 even the British were amazed at his revenue administration. He was accused of being orthodox but he had given large donations to building of temples too.


The Rajputs took advantage of the weakness of the Mughals and freed themselves from central control. However they were divided and always in civil war or quarrels with each other. Raja Sawai Jai Singh of

Modern History Of India By Bipin Chandra Pdf In Hindi Free Download:

This Book giving a good information comparing with other books on Modern Indian History from different Authors. For every IAS Aspirants Should Keep This Book Must and mandatory. This book teaches the history in very easy and interesting by like a story for non-history background Students also.

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